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I was tagged by Laura @ The Corner of Laura! Thanks to her for the tag, and sorry this is so late! I’ve heard a couple Beatles songs, but I can’t say I took to their style very much. Totally understand that I’m in the minority here, though I haven’t explored their whole discography yet…might be missing out on my next favourite song!


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I love Roz so much, and the way she loves is so intense because it’s so unusual, so I wish she would love me as much as she is devoted to her son and friends!

I love sharing books with friends, and there are plenty to choose from for this prompt, so I’ll go with one I don’t often talk about: Never Let Me Go. It’s part literary, part sci-fi and my enjoyment of this book caught me totally by surprise. The writing is enrapturing, the mystery is intriguing and the characters keep you interested!

After a hard day, I’d love nothing more than to wrap myself in a fluffy blanket with a warm cup of green tea at arm’s reach and dive into a hilarious and bloody journey through the Victorian era, following three half-competent hunters and a talking castle as they fight their way through hordes of vampires.

It’s kind of weird to say, but Girl’s Last Tour really helped me slow down. By the time I reached this manga, I was done reading some seriously action-packed and fast paced novels. Which was great but also kind of exhausting, and I didn’t realize how exhausting until I cracked this one open. It meandered a lot and gave me a sense of isolation and iciness, but that let me enjoy the little details here and there, and it still managed to be humourous and good-natured.

Not only did this give me a book hangover, it really made me realize just how much industries like Hollywood and the American press willingly push women out by protecting rapists and abusers, without remorse or sympathy towards the victims. And I know these industries aren’t alone–not by a long shot. Rape culture is such a malevolent part of most societies and it’s one thing to see it in fiction but another to know the extent of it’s existence in the real world. What Farrow went through as a man trying to just document the corruption will haunt me for a long time.

I absolutely could not stand Eleanor and thus, this whole book was just an unpleasant experience. The downside of being in a book club means that I didn’t DNF this sucker.

While she didn’t start off aspiring to write, Jo learned very quickly that she’s not only got quite a knack for it but wants to continue doing it, even with trouble rising up around her. Her determination and stubbornness inspire me as a writer.

This was an odd graphic novel, about odd supernatural students, but it was still charming and fun to see a collection of short, coming of age comic strips about these students dealing with essentially normal teenager stuff.

Not exactly people, as a lonely person who runs into other lonely people along her journey towards self-acceptance. Circe’s loneliness was an interesting part of her story, as she swings from enjoying her isolation to missing the outside world, even if all she knew was cruelty and malice.

This was a recent read but it’s already very near and dear to my heart! It’s so cute and so sweet, and now all I want is to quit my job and become a tea dragon keeper!

I don’t think this book really had mixed messaging as much as it confused me by switching out protagonists when I didn’t think that necessarily needed to happen….

Not sure if I’d call this graphic novel heavn-sent as there are several dubious characters, but it sure was a gift! The art style is phenomenal and the story, while sometimes convoluted, was totally magical.

This book easily made me laugh, cry and get irrationally angry! These are just a small handful of emotions I felt while following Tess on her journey.

After reading a bunch of fictional graphic novels beforehand, I decided to shake up my reading pattern by picking up the first non-fiction I’ve grabbed in awhile–and one about libraries!

Despite the interesting summary, I sometimes hesitate with fairy tale re-tellings. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this story, as it was more of a sequel to Cinderella than an actual re-telling! If you can make a villain likeable, that’s a win for me.

Really thought this book would make me see my favoruite Teen Titan, Raven, in a new light. And it sort of did, but it was pretty lackluster, frankly. I missed sarcastic, gloomy Raven.

This is a classic and one of the earlier chapter books I read as a kid! I remember wanting to hop on the next ship to sail across the ocean, like Charlotte!

I don’t really secretly like any particular book; I’m pretty unapologetic about my preferences! But I remember that folks weren’t all-together impressed with TTAM, although I found it to be fun and unique in it’s lore.

There is truly something magical about this trilogy! Maybe it’s Hilary’s rambunctious personality, maybe it’s the cast of lovable characters, maybe it’s the constant parody of pirate life. Whatever it was, it was hilarious and had me binging the series!

Whispers? How about shouts! This book was as brazen as the women it highlights. It’s in your face and doesn’t hold back the good and the bad of their lives!

While it dealt with heavy topics, this was such a cute and delightful read that had me smiling constantly.

I don’t re-read books, but Animal Farm is short enough that I do often revisit it, as a reminder that fascism is not a thing of the past but something that can sprout up with the simplest of actions.

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