[Book Tag Tuesdays] Superlatives Book Tag


I don’t remember superlatives being a really big thing in my middle and high school during graduation. I always thought of it as more American school thing. Still, I thought they were kind of interesting, and I saw this tag done by

Original tag poster: abookolive

1. Most likely to be in the movies: The book that would make the best movie


This is a mind-blowing space opera movie that is just waiting to get onto the big screen! It’s full of action, awesome characters, witty dialogue and a fun plot.

2. Biggest drama queen/king: The most (overly) dramatic book


It’s no secret that I was disappointed with the finale of The Folk of the Air series. This book layered the dramatics but overall, didn’t pay off on it.

3. Best dressed: The book with the best cover


So many books to choose from…I don’t have a pick for this prompt, so I’ll choose the one cover that came to mind. While it was an average read, this cover is astounding! Well done to the graphics department.

4. Most creative: The book with the most unique plot, characters, or structure


This is a zombie book told mainly from the perspective of a self-aware little zombie girl trying to protect the human survivors. I’d say that’s pretty unique of a story with a unique protagonist!

5. Most popular: The book with the most ratings on Goodreads


I don’t really want to corss-check the books I’ve read with which has the most ratings so I’ll hazard to guess that CoB is probably the one most rated–besides, the book by the TERF.

6. Most likely to succeed: The book that is going to be appreciated for many years to come


I mean, I can only hope so! This is a spectacular book and it needs to be appreciated as such.

7. Class clown: The book you couldn’t help but laugh at


This is such a lovely middle grade, and it’s humour was so good-hearted that when I laughed, it made me feel lighter.

8. Most improved: The book that started off slow, but really picked up


It took quite a lot of time for this book to pick up, and when it did, it felt like it sprinted for the most part.

9. Cutest couple: The cutest couple in a book


Sophia and Jeremy make such an adorable couple! Their pining and dorkish flirting was a treat.

10. Biggest heart breaker: The book that broke your heart


Circe broke my heart in a good way. She’s such a tragic protagonist and I adored reading about her.

I tag you!

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