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I was tagged by the wonderful Nen and Jen! Despite being a Disney fan, I’ve never been to any of their parks but it’s on my list of places to visit, for sure!

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I don’t actually have a book that fits this prompt, so I’m going to make a “stretch” choice, since the river of death is an important setting throughout the Old Kingdom series.



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Again, this is a “stretch” choice because I wouldn’t call this a swashbuckling adventure, but Charlotte does spend the whole book on a ship sailing to America, so at least in her mind, it’s like she’s on a high seas adventure.



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One of the aspects of this book that was done really well was the atmosphere. It definitely felt creepy and only got creepier as the narrative delved into the mystery.



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This book hardly takes a moment to catch it’s breath! It basically starts of near where the first book ends and then just keeps going. It certainly made it hard to put down.



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This is probably the only book I’ve read so far set in southern USA, and I honestly don’t remember how south they are. Dread Nation is more of a zombie book than a book about the south, but it counts for this prompt.



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You’d think with the amount of fantasy I read that I’d have a whole lot of choices, but I’m realizing how few actually include, with any prevalence, a castle! Somehow, I’ve managed to mostly avoid this age-old trope, weirdly! The castle in GMoSaG doesn’t really play an important part, unfortunately, but it does feature prominently.



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I’m not sure what the definition of whimsical is in this case, but this was a quirky, fun contemporary that I’d recommend for people who want to read something light-hearted and silly!



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To be totally honest, these prompts are really making me work to find a match! And to be honest again, I can’t entirely remember if they’re actually on a mountain or not…but I vaguely remember them having to drive upwards to get to the house.



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The first book is the #ownvoices fantasy version of the Sino-Japanese war, from the Chinese POV, and the magic is rooted in Chinese mythology. It’s really fascinating and Kuang does a great job at making the story both based in actual history and based on unique world-building.



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There could not have been a more perfect prompt for this book. “A fast-paced space opera” should be the literal tagline!

I tag you!

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10 thoughts on “[Book Tag Tuesdays] Disney Parks Book Tag”

  1. Ooh what a cool and creative tag! I definitely agree that Crooked Kingdom is a thrill ride 😀 And I loved Dread Nation!! The Poppy War is on my TBR and I love the sound of that unique worldbuilding. Thanks so much for tagging me for this! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome!! Dead Nation was one of my favourite reads of last year and I can’t wait to have the sequel! Hope you enjoy The Poppy War! Looking forward to seeing your post 😄


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