The Cinderella Effect | Bookending Spring 2020

Bookending Spring

Prompt: Name 5 books that you couldn’t wait to get your hands on but turned into a pumpkin (a dud) when you got it.

Originator of the post: Sam @ Fictionally Sam


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When I saw this graphic on NetGalley, it looked like it was right up my alley! However, it ended up being the biggest dud on this list. While the art style was great, the plot was lame and the characters just sucked.


Goodreads Link – Review to come.

This book came highly recommended by some booktubers I followed. Unfortunately, while it wasn’t a total dud, it was a very average read for me. I couldn’t get attached to the POV character and the only sparkling jewel were the family dynamics, but even that didn’t hold up my enjoyment.


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I was so excited to get my hands on the finale of this trilogy after devouring the first two books. However, it let me down in more ways than one. Characters started acting strangely and the romance became way too romantic for my taste. Even the story itself wasn’t anything to write home about.


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Girls growing monstrous mutations on their bodies + isolation on an island: sounds dope, right? At the start, I thought so, too. But then it just went downhill fast and the ending was one of my least favourite endings of all time.


Goodreads Link – Review

This is the one I’m most upset about, mostly because there is such an active fandom for this duology and I’d like to have participated but alas, this was an average read. I wasn’t blown away by anything in particular. This was certainly a lesson for me to not let the hype get to me in any way.

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