Top 5 Wednesday: Non YA Books


I’ve read more YA books than any other category, but I’ve found some awesome books in the middle grade and the adult categories!

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This was a sweet middle grade novel about an orphan who dream of being a great potter. The audiobook narrator had such a nice calming voice and Tree-ear’s earnest nature was memorable.


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This was the first cozy mystery I’d ever read and I loved it! It was a fun, light-hearted read, that took me by surprise, about a trio of witches living in secret in their small town, solving mysteries.


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Gaiman does a great job balancing spookiness with simple language to produce a children’s book that can raise the hairs at the back of your neck, regardless of your age. Coraline is the same. In this novel, you really fear for the protagonist as he grapples with a supernatural monster.


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This was such a strange novel, telling the life of fifteen dogs who are granted human consciousness by the Greek gods, Hermes and Apollo. I nearly finished this book in one sitting, not because it was fast-paced but because I’d become invested in the lives of these dogs.


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Another great children’s book; this one was set in colonial America and follows Red Dove, an indigenous child forced into a residential school who uses her mystical pendant to save herself and the people around her. This was one of my favourite ARCs!

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