Top 5 Wednesday: Book Over 500 Pages


Big books definitely intimidate me but often times they end up being some of my favourites! I just wish they didn’t take so damn long to get through.

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Starting off big, Winter clocks in at around 827 pages! This is the conclusion to the sci-fi romance series, The Lunar Chronicles. I thought it was a pretty great ending and was my favourite of the bunch. So much happens that you can fly through it!


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Clocking in at 544 pages, this book tells the story of Tess who, determined to escape a life she never chose for herself, sets onto the road to search for a legendary creature. This book is without a doubt my all-time favourite, but it’s hard to convince folks to pick it up because of it’s chunky-ness and because it can be slow-paced at times.


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Finding YA books that are over 500 pages can be hard sometimes (when it isn’t the final book in a series), in my experience, but that’s not an issue with adult novels like Jade City, which is about 560 pages. Like Winter, this is a book you can fly through as you follow the Kauls, a mob-like family trained to use the power of jade to commit supernatural feats. It’s ruthless and frustrating and amazing.


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Speaking of awesome adult books, The Poppy War is about 644 pages of overcoming dire circumstances, controlling powers far beyond mortal reach and facing your destiny.  It was a stunning and traumatic read, but so worth the effort.


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Crooked Kingdom is certainly an example of a YA book over 500 pages, but with the POVs switching around every chapter and one action scene after another, you can definitely fly through the pages.

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