December 2019 Wrap Up


Oh man, December was a strange month in my personal life. Work was both slow and busy, friends were traveling around for the holidays and I think I DNF’d more books in one month that I had all year by then. It was a pretty lackluster ending to 2019 but that’s fine by me; I don’t need anything too exciting to be happening by the end of a year!

This month I was participating in the Bookending Winter 2019 event! It was the third Bookending event I’ve done. The prompts are always fun and if you’re looking to post more on your blog, I recommend participating in future events!

My Post This Month

Total: 20
Book reviews: 3
Book tags: 2
Bookending event posts: 7

Books I Read


Goodreads LinkMy Rating: 5/5


Goodreads LinkMy Rating: 3/5


Goodreads LinkMy Rating: 4/5

  • Number of books I read last month: 7
  • Number of books I read this month: 3 (lots of DNFs)


What was your favourite book that you finished in December and why?

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