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Confession time: I never actually watched Hocus Pocus as a kid. As an adult, I’ve only seen bits and pieces, but I’ve yet to sit down and complete the whole film, which apparently is a damned shame! It’s such a cult classic so I’m bummed that I missed the train but that doesn’t mean I can’t participate in a fun tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Laura @ The Corner of Laura! Check out her take on this tag and her blog!


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The Sanderson Sisters

A great trilogy.

The Graceling Realms remains one of the most well-written and compelling fantasy series I’ve ever had the pleasure of indulging in!

Winifred Sanderson

A book with a truly evil female villain.


Goodreads LinkFull Review

I know the narrative was trying to give her good reasons for her actions, but I still believe Jannoula is a truly evil person from her core, and I hated everything she did, which only means she was a really compelling villain!

Sarah Sanderson

A book that uncannily attracts children.


Goodreads LinkFull Review

I think it can be agreed that plenty of kids find clowns to be weird and terrifying. However, the kids that Georgie entertains as a clown seem to not mind her so much, even in her make-up.

Mary Sanderson

A book that is just plain silly.


I don’t read enough silly books so I’m stretching the definition of the word to mean fun and lively! Which are two descriptors perfect of The Adventure Zone comics!


A book that is trying really hard to be cool, but doesn’t always succeed.


Goodreads LinkFull Review

I don’t think this book was trying too hard per say, but I think it certainly was trying to strike a more haunting cord a la Stranger Things but it just didn’t hit the mark many times.


A book that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.


Goodreads Link

This collection of essays tackles issues that face Black Americans every day in a very real and stark way.


A book series that just won’t die.


Please…I’m begging you…enough.



A book with a character that’s dumb as a rock.


Goodreads Link

I don’t even remember her name but one of the protagonist’s love interest just does a few dumb things and then one very dumb thing that had me face-palming constantly.

The Black Flame Candle

A book or series you wish you could resurrect. 

I would sign away several years of my life if it meant I could get more books with Mahlia, Ocho and Tool!

Headless Billy Butcherson

A book that’s not so bad as people make it out to be.


Goodreads LinkFull Review

I think a few people called this book mediocre but I found it very cute and light-hearted, which I feel like is getting less common in YA contemporary.

Winifred Sanderson’s Spell Book

A book with a mind of its own.


Goodreads LinkFull Review

I believe Evelyn Hugo as a character got away from Reid a little and was fleshed out so much she could have jumped from the pages.

Garry Marshall

A book with a cameo.


Goodreads LinkFull Review

I don’t think I mentioned this in my review but characters from The Darkest Part of the Forest actually cameo in this book and I wasn’t told beforehand so that was a really pleasant surprise!

Halloween is today, so this’ll be an out-of-date call out, but since I got specifically called out (and evidentially admitted to my failure as a Halloween cult classic fan), I will be tagging the following wonderful folks:

Jenna @ Bookmark Your Thoughts

Nadine @ Nad’s Book Nook

Jessica @ Endless Chapters


3 thoughts on “Hocus Pocus Book Tag”

  1. Interesting answers. I must admit that I’ve only read one of those books: Fire by Kristin Kashore and it was so long ago that I don’t remember much about it. Let’s Talk About Love, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and The Cruel Prince are on my TBR though. And I really should give Graceling a try.

    Hope you find the time to watch Hocus Pocus soon!

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