Happy New Years!

Hello folks,

Sorry that this is a day late but I had family over so…yeah!

I wanted to wish you all and your families a happy New Years! 2016 was poo but there were a lot of things that were pretty great about it, too. I’m back in school after a year of work, and the transition was much smoother than I expected, I’ve been more active on this blog, I’ve continued writing, I’ve read more books this year than last year, and, very recently, I’ve been putting out my work on Wattpad (username: BlackRosesRed) and Inkitt (username: MirrorMirror) which is super nerve-wrecking for me!

In terms of my reading and writing, my resolutions for 2017 are (1) to continue to be more active on this blog and really develop it as a personal hub to share books I loved (or not) and resources/articles I find inspiring and important, (2) to continue to develop my writing skills and overcome my anxieties surrounding sharing my work with the world, and (3) to read more (I read plenty but I want to actually reach my Goodreads reading goal for once; this year it’s 15 books) and start in on my 100+ stacks of books I’ve bought/downloaded.

So, what are your New Years resolutions (doesn’t have to be related to reading/writing/publishing)? I’d love to hear from you all!

Cheers to a new year,


Happy New Years!

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