5 Fat-Positive Queer YA Books

Representation of fat people in YA has tended to be pretty dismal. As Kelly wrote last year, too often fat characters are portrayed as people “who have to overcome their weight in order to be seen as worthwhile or able to achieve their dreams, whatever they may be.” Happily, more YA novels with complex, fat characters have been coming out; pun intended, because now there are enough that I’ve been able to make this list of fat-positive YA that also has positive queer representation. Only one of these fat-positive queer YA books has a queer, fat main character (please, authors and publishers, we need more!) but all of these are solid both in terms of fat and queer representation.

Source: 5 Fat-Positive Queer YA Books

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Queer AND fat positive. What more can you ask for?

5 Fat-Positive Queer YA Books