Friday Fun – Least Favorite Writing Rule

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When I first started writing, I did what many do, especially those who are keen to get something done right the first time, like me: I researched how to write. I went through multiple sites by multiple authors and gulped advice after advice on what the “right” way of starting, continuing and/or ending a novel is, as well as how to build characters, settings and systems. So Diane MacKinnon’s advice really hit home for me. While a lot of the advice agreed with each other, I also found that they vastly disagreed a lot of the time, too, which was rather frustrating for me, as a writer who’s never published but wants to, and has never taken a creative writing class, let alone attained any sort of English degree.  I just came to the realization that I had spent way too much time finding out the “right” way to write and not doing enough writing so I just closed all my research tabs, opened up a Word document and began.

I’ve also always disliked the “write what you know” rule ever since I’ve heard it, because it tends to cause authors to write them same story with the same characters with a few differences here and there, so I enjoyed Jamie Wallace’s answer, too.

Friday Fun – Least Favorite Writing Rule