I Will Not Tolerate Violence Against Women!

I have been forced into a most unfortunate decision:  I am pulling Behind the Brick from the ACX audio version due to revoltingly unforeseen circumstances.  I recently found out that my narrator, R…

Source: I Will Not Tolerate Violence Against Women!

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In case you guys ever run into this gross human being in any way.



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One thought on “I Will Not Tolerate Violence Against Women!

  1. IP Address # mta-98-29-75-42.cinci.rr.com -Derek W. Logue, Cincinnati, Ohio. Derek disagreed with my post, but I shouldn’t be surprised by somebody who at 26, molested an 11 yr-old girl. He apparently agrees with violence against women. He wouldn’t even use his own name on the comment because he’s a huge pussy. He can be found on the Ohio sex offender registry under the title child sexual predator.


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