Blogging for Fun

Hey folks, welcome to my blog!

I blog mostly my reviews for books that I have read. Sometimes I will be elaborate and other times I will have only a short paragraph or two to say. I’m trying to be more structured in my reviews so my earlier entries may be re-done if I liked the book enough to re-read it. I may also sprinkle some favourite quotes, news in the literary world and some fandom stuff.

I read just about every kind of book, and am always looking for recommendations! It would be easier, thus, to list the books I don’t often find myself gravitating towards (but there are always exceptions):

  • Non-fiction
  • Books dealing with dark, heavy subjects
  • Cliche-infested stories
  • Erotica

I got the idea to start this blog from a friend of mine who’d been running her blog for awhile now (though I think she abandoned it recently). I mainly wanted a place where I could easily group my book reviews together. I started a blog on Blogger but I decided to try other sites, and WordPress was a popular choice. I will also post my reviews on Goodreads.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and feel free to contact me through comments; I love a good discussion!


– S&R

Link to my Goodreads:

Blogging for Fun

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